3D Modeling


Why Partner With United Scaffolding?

United Scaffolding provides rental efficiencies and cost savings for large capital projects and long term maintenance rental services. Working with United Scaffolding gives customers access to seasoned professionals who can assist with scaffold design and spec, timeline accuracy, budget constraints and overall project alignment.

3D Modeling

With our focus on continuous improvement and customer service, United Scaffolding employs 3D modeling to provide customers with the most accurate scaffold design. This tool, which can be used for the design of both simple and complex scaffold solutions, can be utilized to create a comprehensive bill of materials required for each project. Using 3D modeling, we can assist customer by verifying the inventory needed to begin their project on time and within budget.

Scaffold Identification
100% Clash Prevention
Scaffold Work Packages

There is virtually nothing in our world that hasn’t changed due to the constant advances being made with Computer Technology. The Scaffold Industry is a perfect example of that. Where we once relied on traditional hand sketches & walkdowns to plan out a scaffold design, we are now able to utilize the computer to build out a more interactive 3D immersive reality view for the projects. This advancement in technology has helped significantly in simplifying complex projects; providing better visualization and planning of the scaffolding scope of work and allowing for better management of resources by mitigating reworks, inaccuracies, uncertainty, unplanned work & delays. Collectively, the benefits from leveraging 3D design ultimately allow for safer execution and cost savings for the project.

United Scaffolding (USI) has invested in the people and technology to bring this service solution to you!


➤        Integrates with your project 3D model for scope visibility
➤        Front End Engineer Designs – FEED onsite/ offsite during planning phase
➤        Promotes labor & material savings by reducing modifications / rework
➤        Provides more accurate piece counts with models
➤        Helps training the craft on how the scaffold will be executed
➤        Hands on experienced scaffold designers, for real application solution
➤        Greater accuracy & level of details to help mitigate reworks
➤        Allows teams to training for errors, omissions & rework mitigation to boost productivity
➤        Develops comprehensive Bill of Material – BOM’s and Scaffold Work Packages – SWP’s
➤        Ensures scaffold designs are in-compliance before assembly (OSHA Regulation)
➤        Saves money associated with reworks, missing inventory or unnecessary orders

USI 3D Modeling & Design Services allows you to take better control of your projects. We can assist you in a single large application or provide comprehensive design services for Clash Mitigation for an entire unit / project where scaffolds are to be installed. Take the guesswork out of your Scaffold builds by using USI.