Why Partner With United Scaffolding?

United Scaffolding provides rental efficiencies and cost savings for large capital projects and long term maintenance rental services. Working with United Scaffolding gives customers access to seasoned professionals who can assist with scaffold design and spec, timeline accuracy, budget constraints and overall project alignment.

Scaffold Rental & Sales

At United Scaffolding, we work closely with customers to provide a customized solution to fit the specific needs of their projects. The following products are available for rental or purchase:

Ringlock Scaffolding
Cuplock Scaffolding
Tube and Clamp Scaffolding

Consumables and Wood Plank

United Scaffolding is the one stop shop for all scaffolding and accessory needs. Our experienced staff assists customers with scaffold rentals, as well as consumables procurement. Ordering everything needed at one time, from one location, provides customers with the most efficient option for fulfilling project needs. This also ensures that everything needed to begin a project arrives at the same time, which helps projects stay on track and within budget.

Expert Order Fulfillment

We work with customers to ensure their orders are filled quickly and correctly. Our team of experts work closely with our customers to manage scaffold orders, spec out all consumables needed and to schedule deliveries based on project start times. We provide the most organized and personal service available.

3D Modeling

With our focus on continuous improvement and customer service, United Scaffolding employs 3D modeling to provide customers with the most accurate scaffold design. This tool, which can be used for the design of both simple and complex scaffold solutions, can be utilized to create a comprehensive bill of materials required for each project. Using 3D modeling, we can assist customer by verifying the inventory needed to begin their project on time and within budget.